Drain Cleaning & Jetting in Saint George, UT

Drain cleaning is a very important part of ensuring your drains are draining as they should. Over time grease, soap scum, water scaling, and roots may start to build up in your drain lines. As this happens your drains start to drain slower and slower, until they stop draining all together. Once this happens you will need to call a professional to come out and clean out your pipes to unclog your pipes. If you live in the Saint George, UT area give A Plus Enterprises a call today! We offer fair prices and fair service.

Slow Draining Drains

If your drains are going down very slowly it means you need a drain cleaning. This is a simple procedure that is not very costly and saves you money down the road. A Plus Enterprises offers our services to the entire Saint George, UT area. Slow drains are an easy fix and should be handled by professionals. If not, you could break a pipe or mess your drain up.

Clogged Drains

Once your drains have become clogged you might have an emergency. You will need to stop all water usage immediately and call A Plus Enterprises if you are in the Saint George area. Clogged drains may cause your home or office to flood if water is used after the clog has been found. Many times it is just soap scum, grease, food, toys, or a root stuck inside the pipe. We have the proper equipment to handle these types of clogs and will easily be able to remove them for you!